January 19, 2018, 8:35 am
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Longshank Acorn
Price: $365

I've been wanting to make a pipe like this for a very long time, but nearly every attempt resulted in a pipe of significantly less shank, and considerably more stem. It's just the way things work out sometimes, but this time I was determined. There were a few hair raising moments as I checked, double checked, and re-double-plus-checked things like mortis direction, airway location, and the bottom of the tobacco chamber.

After the stummel was shaped, I took a hard left on my plans for a taper stem since I really did not like the way it looked in my mind's eye, and decided on a saddle stem instead. The shank ring was also a bit of a last minute addition, and is made from faux horn - the same type that I've used to make stems and fountain pens.

Important Info
Length: 6.5" (16.5cm)
Height: 2" (5.1cm)
Chamber Diamter: .75" (1.9cm)
Chamber Depth: 1.5" (3.9cm)
Stem Material: Ebonite
Bit Thickness: .17" (4.3mm)
Airway Diameter: 5.32" (3.9mm)
Weight: 1.6oz (46g)

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