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Welcome to Pipecrafter.com, the source for handmade pipes by Kurt Huhn. Each pipe available on this site represents many years of experience as a pipe smoker, even more as a casual woodworker and cabinetmaker, a love and appreciation of artistry and harmony, and an entire lifetime of analytical pursuits. All of my pipes combine these experiences into pipes that are comfortable, smoke extremely well, and look great.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments about my pipes. I love to discuss pipes, tobacco, and all subjects pertaining to pipe smoking. I can always use more experiences to help me grow as a professional. Use the contact form or email me. Thank you for stopping by and perusing the site. Please come back again soon as I will update frequently with new offerings and articles.

Please note: I will ship to Europe, Canada, Australia, and many other regions. Please contact me to discuss shipping, as it usually costs somewhat more, and may require paperwork for duties and taxes.

Brand new: The central place for news and new releases for this site, The Blog.

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This site and all images and documents copyright Kurt Huhn, unless otherwise noted.